Recommended OH Provider for schools

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if I could have some recommendations for Occupational Health providers who have experience of working with schools.

I have recently become the HR lead at a school and have inherited a number of OH cases including some that have been in progress for over two years. 

I have sent referrals for some of our employees on the support staff who are required to fulfil physical roles who have been passed fit to work despite having significant health issues and who have not been able to complete their duties upon returning and has resulted in the need for a further referral. This is after having had a one to one meeting and not just a telephone conversation. 

I am not convinced that our current provider is fit for purpose and would really appreciate any pointers to OH providers that you have had a positive experience working with.

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  • We've used Staywell Occupational Health who have been OK I think. They're not specifically school-focused, but have managed to reflect our needs.

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    Thank you Nina I will give Staywell a look, thanks for the suggestion.

  • We currently use Medigold which bought out our previous provider IMASS. Experience of both has been mixed.
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    Hello Fiona, thank you for the advice.
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    Hi Adrian

    It depends to some extent on the size of your school staffing, and how frequently you think you might need to refer.

    We have found that a local provider has been much more flexible in meeting our needs.
  • Definitely not Everwell - I used them for a supportive OH review. They misinterpreted the brief, didnt reply adequately to a complaint etc etc.
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    Hi - I had a similar issue following inheritance of long term cases in a MAT and have just decided to try Maitland Medical. More expensive and they do not claim to be the cheapest - but they specialise in education. There is no sales team and I gave them a call and had a long chat around some of the concerns I have had with existing provider. They understand term times, teachers conditions and were fully up to speed with stress / reasonable adjustment cases within schools. Came recommended from a London based MAT but I understand they have bases nationally
  • We have moved away from Maitlands ane Everwell in the last 5 years. We are now with Preventative Health Care (PHC), who on the whole are very good. Also found out Everwell subcontracted to PHC and charged us double the actual cost of the appointments!

    Could the issue be the information (or lack of) on the referral forms? We've found by investing a bit more time with including as much information as possible on the form we receive a much more detailed and specific report.