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DBS checking original certificates

Can I please ask what other schools do in relation to checking original DBS certificates which I know we are now obliged to do. 

We do this for all staff but not sure how this works with contractors/visitors.  Should we be checking all these certificates too?  Also what further action do you take should the DBS certificate have disclosures for visitors/contractors?  Many thanks

  • As I understand the rules you are not legally allowed to view a DBS certificate which was not processed through your school as the employer. For contractors/visitors who are on site and deemed to require a DBS we request a letter from the company giving the DBS details of the person and confirming that all checks have been done and that they are suitable to work/be on the school site.
  • if schools we're to do what others do this would not be an issue. the DBS is issued to the individual and is also renewed every year.
  • Hi Sharon,

    Yes, I agree with Claire. You do not have any right to see the actual certificate. For 3rd parties (eg: contractors) you are entitled to know the name, certificate number, and date of issue/renewal. If you also ask for the date of birth you can perform a status check here: