Struggling to advance my HR career despite being Level 7 qualified!

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well. 2 years ago I completed a Masters Degree in HRM and was looking forward to starting a career in HR. I had worked in HR before although only as a HR shared service advisor providing a first line advisory service to staff and line managers. Following the completion of my course, I got a job as HR assistant and have now been doing that for 18 months with no prospects of progression within the current organisation despite showing that I am capable. I now feel like I am ready for a bigger challenge and want to get more involved in other tasks that challenge and develop my other skills i.e decision making and would like to be more involved in ER cases. However, I have been applying for HR Officer andHR advisor positions elsewhere and so far have had numerous rejections and feel frustrated. I have gone onto another level 6 employment law course as part of my CPD but i can’t help but feel demoralised as no one seems to want to give me a chance to apply the acquired knowledge. Can someone advise me on what I need to do to progress further or how best to position myself to get an opportunity to move onto theme next stage please? thank you.
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    If you do a search you will find that sadly this topic in various guises comes up frustratingly often. There are therefore lots of threads with really helpful advise on them

    Heres one to be starting with but are many more

  • Hi Rolande. I wouldn't be too disheartened, what you are facing is how things are for HR professionals in general and I also think a sign of the times, so absolutely no reflection on your capabilities. I reached management level prior to Covid, but at the start of Covid found myself out of work. The competition was fierce and many HR professionals with many years of experience (far more than me) were having to apply for roles that they were over qualified/experienced for. This was an issue in itself as businesses were concerned that they wouldn't retain these candidates, but it did mean that they became more selective in their searches. For example, trying to switch industries was so difficult - a lot of adverts stated "must have xxx industry experience". Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am now in an advisory role that I managed to get by applying for a temp position, it's in a totally different industry and I literally was hired to do one piece of project work, but was lucky enough to land a perm role. It's less money than I was on before and is purely operational with no strategic elements at all, but that's 2020! I am enjoying the role, so it could be worse!

    I, like you, had so many rejections last year, it was so demoralising, but don't give up! I think 2020 (and now 2021) is more about security than trying to progress. Although I have seen lots of people progress and do really well last year, so it's not all doom and gloom, but these people really are at the top of their game. This time will pass and there will be more openings on the horizon. Keep applying, use the experience for interview practice, it doesn't hurt. One day an opportunity will come. You posted this in September 2020, so it's possible it already has! I just saw your post this morning and felt compelled to reply to let you know that you are not alone in this.

    Best of luck to you!
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    I'm also level 7 qualified but working as an SBM doing basic HR in school as part of my role. I get my 'HR fix' by volunteering as an HR director at a local Multi Academy Trust. As part of that role I've been involved with more strategic elements and large projects which are adding to my experience for when I look to move on in future.

    I hope that helps.

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    I am certain that will stand you in very good stead when you start looking for your next role. The one thing that will need thought is how to represent the 2 roles on your CV - I think some recruiters could be a bit puzzled by someone who is simultaneously an HRD and an SMB (not sure what an SMB is but you have said it includes basic HR). I think, however, that with a little thought and imagination you will be able to craft a strong CV. I wish you lots of luck.
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    SBM is School Business Manager; generally do finance, budgets, HR, jack of all trades, utterly relied upon to run the school effectively!