Apprenticeship Providers

Hi All, I’ve been tasked with researching apprenticeships group wide (20 sites with c.1000 staff) . The group is potentially going to add a further 20 sites next year. Looking for guidance/best practice on introduction and any recommendations on providers? Many thanks
  • Hi Benjamin

    Have a look for a start at


    Work based learning providers are usually OFSTED-inspected so you can check their inspection results on the OFSTED website

    Provision is sometimes nationide but is often localised and occupation-specific, so you need to 'drill down' to search fully..

    Also, the Connexions or similar young persons careers sevice in your local areas should be aware of apprenticeship etc providers within their areas and you can usually pick up explicit or implicit opinions and recommendations from them. When approaching providers themselves, you can ask for a list of employers they deal with and get their opinions too about the services provided.