Paid or unpaid leave in support of self funded teacher training

Can anybody offer advice with regards to a member of our support staff completing a self funded teacher training course. Historically we were supporting teacher training via the Trust TSA until the Trust receive a FNTI. The member of staff decided to go ahead with the course and self fund it on the basis the school would support her to complete it. The support would consist of access to the timetable to support her teaching experience and 5 weeks leave so a work placement can be completed. The school are happy to support, however I have a question around the 5 weeks leave and should this be paid or unpaid leave? I have looked through all policies however this is not covered as it is no longer via the TSA. What would you do in this situation? I am hoping to support this employee but also conscious about setting a precedence to other staff members.
  • I would pay it
  • We have a support staff member who is taking themselves through teacher training. We agreed to a 4 day working week and unpaid time off for placements. The reason for this is the training was not part of our school's plan and the person's contract will not change at the end of their training (ie they will not automatically become a teacher and would need to apply for a teaching vacancy in the normal way).

    We also have a 2nd support staff member who, with the agreement of their school, is in the process of transferring to be an unqualified teacher, will be given 1 day a week paid time off to attend teacher training and will automatically be given a qualified teachers role at the end of the training period. We have also funded the training.

    So I suppose it comes down to what was originally agreed and what the expectations are - if the intention is they would become a teacher for you once qualified it would be harsh not to pay them for their placement.
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    Hi Mr / Ms Digits!

    Asssuming this is an effective employee you've no wish to disengage, why on earth not support them?
    'Setting a precedent' isn't a valid excuse not to, IMHO.
    Wheareas, refusal is more than likely to disengage the staff member and very much vice versa.
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    What about considering the option of a Teacher Apprenticeship programme? Use the MAT's levy to fund the training and the participant receives salary at UT1.

    Presently the DfE are also offer schools Grant Funding (2020-21) so could support the funding element / potential FNTI issues in paying the participant if the money isnt fully in the budget.
  • I would think that if you haven't specified whether the leave would be paid or not, the implication (as it's part of a support package) is that it would be.