HR System in School Settings


I have recently started in a HR role in a secondary school with around 50 staff, currently there is no HR system in place other than SIMS which is not the greatest from a HR perspective. 

If you have used a HR system in an education setting which you feel was beneficial please could you advise?

Any suggestions welcome!



  • Hi I have over 90 staff and use SIMS mainly for contract information. We have a separate payroll provider so info is also on there. Id be interested in what others use also.
  • PSP is what the MAT I work for uses
  • I've implemented Natural HR in a school setting recently, and am pleased with hte way it's working - but would freely admit that it's still a work in progress. Happy to comment further if you want to get in touch.

  • BreatheHR is a simple and effective system to use and roll out
  • Human resource management in school results in starting and operating a faculty. It allows in the use of human sources of faculty inside the excellent manner. The important people may be the major, instructors, commercial enterprise group of employees. Hence human resource in schools is very essential to focus on. If you are looking for Best HR Software for school , Technology Counter is best platform for that.
  • Hi Ainsley,
    we have SIMs for capturing staffing information, and for the school workforce census. I transferred to Strictly Education for payroll, and use CEFM for our HR advisory support. Everything works well and is cost-effective too. There are 140 members of staff in our school.

    kind regards
  • In reply to Rita:

    We use Arbor for MIS (which is very good to be honest) we moved away from SIMS and Arbor is much easier to use and has better functionality. We have in the past looked at PS People as we use PS Financials as our accounting software. Expensive but efficient if you had a large workforce and multi site operation.
    Xero accounting is good for payroll. We operate a trading company and use this software to run payroll and administer trading company transactions.