Reward and Recognition

Hi everyone, I work in a school and looking into a reward and recondition programme for staff. Obvs budgets are tight but wondered if any of you have such a programme at your school, and if so what do you do in terms of reward and what types of recognition initiatives you do that work well. Thanks in advance
  • I think this is a tricky one. I consulted our team on this in terms of improving our overall package for staff depending on where they are at in their own lives. They were very interested in the different benefit options but then in later questions didnt want anything to change! The reward/recognition was consulted on too. People thought this was divisive (a lot of our work is highly collaborative) and actually wanted more manager/senior manager verbal/recognition over any pay (cash/non-cash) reward.
  • In reply to Joanne Garnham:

    Totally agree Joanne
    A manager/supervisor who is knows what you have done, says "thank you", "well done", "I like what you did there" and so on, is in my experience the greatest motivational lever present in the majority of situations