Teachers holiday accrual

Advice please when a teacher wishes to return after maternity on a reduced contract. I can’t find written anywhere what the correct process is in ensuring they get their holiday entitlement.

example: currently a full time teacher. Start maternity after Feb half term this year. Planning to return on a 0.6 contract just after the Easter break 2022. If agreed, how would holidays be calculated? 

  • Is calculating Teachers holidays not necessary because of non-term time?
  • Hi Melanie

    Teachers are entitled to the statutory minimum of 5.6 weeks. They are paid all year so that's 39 weeks working, 5.6 annual leave and 7.4 weeks additional pay. As the additional pay is more than 5.6 weeks you can allocate accrued holiday here when they return so additional time off is not required, and as they are paid they are not entitled to any further payment.

    That being said, if hours reduce on their return and subsequently pay, you should top the pay up to the equivalent of the pay during the time they accrued the holiday e.g. if the fte changes from 1 to 0.6 you should pay the additional 0.4 pay for the holiday accrued.
  • In reply to Melanie:

    I would put them onto the part-time contract, effective from the date they start back, and that becomes the pay factor that covers the holidays.