Annual Salary Statements


Please can you settle a debate as to whose responsibility it is to produce the annual salary statements to staff, confirming annual earnings, pay scale, FTE etc.

We have a separate in house Finance and Payroll function, payroll is saying it's HR's responsibility to produce and issue the statements, HR think it's payroll's seeing as they hold all the source payroll data.

Who is responsible for this in your schools please?

Thank you.

  • I can't directly answer your question, but, even if I could it is likely that it would not resolve your issue. If I was your Finance and Payroll function and you produced a list of companies who said that role was completed by Finance & Payroll , then I'd simply reply: "Maybe, but I/we don;'t work there".

    If you can't agree perhaps your respective manager/s of the school should be able to decide.
  • Sorry but in my school it's the HR responsibility. Payroll process what we tell them to - but the responsibility for what someone is paid stops with me.
  • It’s always been HR where we have done them as the purpose is engagement / retention.
  • Has always been HR where I worked.
  • Thank you for all your replies. That's really interesting and I understand where you are coming from. In terms of engagement of course HR issue contracts with the pay etc which gets fed to payroll. My business manager has canvassed other local schools all of which their finance function does it. As HR the difficulty we have is there is only one of me doing everything and a team of 5 of them. We've got a meeting planned next week to resolve.
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    Do you mean P60s or something else?
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    The budgeting software I use - Access group - has a facility to produce the statements which saves huge amount of time.