Careers Structures in Secondary Schools

Hello, I was wondering whether anyone would be so kind as to confirm how many posts they have in their secondary schools for Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance and level (CEIAG Advisor, £25,991 - £28,672 FTE). We have always had 1 post-holder, part-time 3 days per week. In addition to this we bought in independent advice for 40 day per year. There is nil admin support. This seemed to be fine until our previous advisor left. We now have a new advisor and new leadership person that says this is no longer enough.

My secondary school would be considered as a very large secondary school. I'm trying to do some research into what posts other schools have and find out whether everything is in-house or some parts contracted. 

Separately, if you are part of a Trust/Federation do you have a central careers team? 

Many thanks in advance. 

  • We have a teacher with TLR for careers, we also buy in support for 1:1 with pupils.
  • We are a secondary school with just under 1200 students. We have an IAG Co-ordinator on a Grade 4 37 hours per week term time only.
  • In reply to Sarah Trueman:

    (Not getting at anyone or any particular school - just being an old grump about public policy generally.....)

    - just to say how sad and depressing it seems, that teaching and teachers are at the forefront of education but that careers guidance specialists apparently languish at the absolute periphery in terms of jobs and status and all.

    'Education' is supposed to be about guiding young people into life in adult society, of which the world of work is one of the most important aspects, but vocational guidance doesn't seem to matter very much either to UK Governments or schools......shameful, IMHO!
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    That's a really valid point David. I know when completing my Level 7 studies I often felt like we offered certain things to our students but not necessarily our staff so it does work both ways. We do have a good programme for each year group and meet the relevant government guidance but there is definitely more that could be done.