Special recognition awards for staff

Hello All We are considering introduction of an award scheme for staff who go extra mile in terms of working extra hours or taking on a one-off task etc. Naturally we would like to avoid any allegations of favouritism and so will need clear criteria. Would anyone please offer advice or suggestions on how to do it well? Did you try this? What worked what didn’t?
  • Hi Aga

    If you enter Recognition Scheme into the search function, you will find this is a question that has come up a number of times before.

    If you are thinking about what encourages people to go the extra mile, hae you come across Drive by Daniel Pink? I think it is unsurpassed on what really switches people on and what, sometimes counter-intuitively, switches them off. Also, it's an easy and engaging read. His website (https://www.danpink.com/ ) has lots of video clips that could be useful as part of putting a proposal for your scheme to management.