HR docs and policies in India

Dear All

 My partner is setting up a small company with 15 staff in India and trusts me to help with Hr docs when I have no clue about employment laws in India.

Pls can someone more expereinced in Indian HR help with :

1) Any organistion where I can buy HR docs such as lawwrite or xpert HR in UK?

2) What are the mandatory docs and policies

3) Particular help or templates of employment contracts, sales incentive policy, Pefirmance appraisal and management policies , disicplinary policy.

Any help will be gratefully recieved



  • Hello Geetika

    I have read your post requesting policy information fro India.  My company has also just set up a small office in Bangalore and I wondered if you had any advice or documents to share regarding managing absence in India?  I'm not sure our policy of levels of acceptable absence and cautions given for exceeding these will apply to India.

    If you are still managing the HR for the India company and have any experience to share on this, or any other HR area, it would be great to link up with you.  My email is marionvaughan@sbd.co.uk, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards

    Marion Vaughan