UK worker working in Singapore from home on a visitor visa? Is this feasible?

Hi All

I would need some advice, I do not have any direct experience with Visas and I was wondering if anyone within the community could help me.

We have an office in the UK and are currently looking to expend to Asia, Singapore.


We met with a candidate that is moving there with his partner who secured a job there, so he has a visitor visa for 24 months for Singapore. Could we hire him on a UK temporary contract and for him to work from home in Singapore?


He would be paid in the UK, so within the UK employment law, do you know if there would be any restrictions doing this? Do we need to sponsor him for a Visa to work in Singapore? Although we do not have an office there yet, so not sure if that is even a possibility.

Or could he be hired as a consultant and send us invoices to be paid in his UK account?

Any help on this would be really appreciated.