Secondment Advice - Hong Kong



I am looking for some advice in general when dealing with a secondment situation to Hong Kong and how best to deal with it as I feel I am talking myself around in circles and as a stand alone HR person that is fairly easy to do!

We are opening an office in Hong Kong which will be a satellite location from the UK.

We are employing 2 UK employees/Director level "permanently" in HK on longer term contracts, so they will be localised and we are agreeing a secondment package with them accordingly.  

 My question is with a 3rd employee  who will be in the HK office for 6 months training up the administration support function and providing admin/junior level support as the office is set up and becomes established.

My view is to keep him on his UK contract and pay a living allowance and his accommodation costs for the period he is out there. But then he will need access to HKD rather than sterling, so we would need to work out how to do this. 

He is keen to utilise the tax benefits that working in Hong Kong provides and therefore would ideally be localised, however given the duration of secondment I am not sure if this is a viable option. Or indeed what a relevant localised salary would be.

any thoughts and help would be appreciated! 





  • hi Cheryl,

    How have you got on with this? I am currently looking at seconding people to Hong Kong, but we have recently decided to put them on a local Hong Kong contract for the duration of the secondment. In the past for short term secondments, we simply gave an allowance to cover money exchange costs.

    Have you come across the norm in Hong Kong of paying on a daily basis, ie the contract and all terms relevant to leave also, are all based on 365 days, instead of 260 days working days , which is what I am used to?  Do you have any information on it?




  • In reply to louise:

    Sorry I hadn't seen that you had replied. I ended up keeping him on his UK contract but with a secondment agreement in place and paying a secondment allowance, all of which I paid via the HK payroll. After 6 months his placement was extended and I at that point moved him on to a localised contract.