Absence Policy India


I hope someone can help with a question regarding setting acceptable sickness absence levels for an absence policy for our new office in Bangalore, India. 

The sick leave entitlement is 12 days paid leave. 

Can anyone comment on whether companies in India manage absence i.e. in terms of numbers of days taken in a rolling 12 month period or setting a limit on the number of occasions of absence in a 12 month period?

The manager in India (from the UK) believes that in India staff see the 12 days sick leave as an "entitlement" which they will take to the maximum.  Is this correct and therefore does it mean an absence management policy willl be ineffective?

I look forward to your comments.

Many thanks

Marion Vaughan 


  • Marion

    In many indian companies people will talk about "sickness holiday" - I think that nicely sums up the situation.

    A policy will be effective if management want it to be effective - but it will be an up-hill struggle

    good luck