Discussion related to all things Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Vietnam...

This is a discussion forum for all CIPD members either working in these countries or managing the HR remotely.

  • Hello there. Great to be in contact. Look forward to being part of the community.
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    18 Apr, 2016 12:21

    Hi - I think the best way of pulling together relevant discussions is for people to ask questions (or raise issues) in this Asia Group... and 'tag' their posts "Thailand", "Laos", etc. (separated by commas).

    Otherwise we'll get a mix of topics in the one discussion thread, which will itself potentially get 'lost' quite quickly.

    Thanks :)

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    Thanks. The reason for this posting was following discussion I had with Richard Hearn and the team at the CIPD Asia office in Singapore. With the Asia office's focus being mostly on Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong I mentioned I was interested in developing a networking group for the countries in the north of ASEAN. There are very few CIPD members in these 5 countries so group them together should given us a decent group of people. Richard suggested using the CIPD community pages rather than something on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

    Any suggestions on how I could set up one place for the CIPD members in there countries? More than happy to follow your advice.

  • Hi Neil

    Thanks for adding me to your group so we can link HR professionals in Indochina. It's a great idea and one that I think will add value for those of us in the north. I was referred to you via CIPD for this specific community so would be keen to separate from the overall Asia Group discussion if possible so we're not lost in a sea of great discussion about the broader region. I will follow that discussion forum separately :-)

  • In reply to Helen S.:

    Thank you. It is such honor to be part of CIPD family.
  • Hi Neil. I am originally from Myanmar and living and working in Thailand past 14 yrs with Recruitment focus.
  • Hi Neil,
    Can you add me to the group please. I am from the UK and as well as having have worked there I have also spent a few years in Sydney Australia. Now in NE Thailand where my wife is currently teaching. It would be a privilege to join the group.
  • Hi Neil, I'm from the UK, currently in a regional HR role covering SE Asia, would love to join you all!
  • Hello Neil, I am currently based in Thailand as the HR Director for Indochina (covering Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos). Would appreciate if you could add me to the discussion group. Thank you.