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Hi Everyone,

I have recently moved to Singapore with my husband and have been looking for an HRBP role. I am not having much luck with feedback being that my CV and experience is really good but I don't have any APAC experience.

I have been looking into doing a course on local employment law and wondered if anyone could recommend any providers. They are very expensive and as I am not working want to make sure that I invest in one thats going to provide me with the best grounding in this area.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.


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    21 Jun, 2016 06:25

    Hi Meg,

    Tagging ,  and ... who may be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Megan,

    Happy to provide what help and advice I can.

  • In reply to Neil:

    Thanks Neil. What is the best way to get in touch?
  • Hi Megan,

    Unfortunately I don't know of any courses in Singapore. In a previous role we had an office in Singapore but I didn't do any specific training courses for it. I found the Ministry of Manpower site was extremely helpful for employment law advice and also our payroll company were very good. However, that doesn't help you before you find a role.

    It may be worth looking on the Ministry of Manpower site to see if they have links to any courses. You could also maybe see if your Husband can reach out to the HR professionals in the Company he works for to see if they have any recommendations.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Megan,

    My experience was very like Jeny's - I didn't do a particular course, and found Ministry of Manpower website really quite helpful. Most of the laws I came across were quite sensible, and certainly to employ international staff was relatively straight forward.

    If I was in your position I wouldn't spend money on a course, but spend time networking and even consider a short internship. Is there anyone in your husband's company you can speak to? - even shadowing someone for a few weeks will help you understand what it means to work in the region. I would say volunteer, but my experience was there weren't really not for profits in the same way as UK/Europe/Americas. But it is worth investigating.

    In the region as a whole, I would say networks are still really important, and having an understanding of the different cultures is sometimes as highly valued as labour law knowledge. In my view, APAC is one of the most diverse regions, with huge differences in expectations of HR.

    Singapore and Australia have less developed HR membership associations. They are Singapore HR institute and Australia HR institute. They may have meetings, or in the case of Australia info that is helpful on the website. Other countries in the region may also have their own networks, but Singapore and Australia were the ones I came across.

    Not sure I've added much you haven't thought of yourself, but good luck.
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    Hi Jeny,

    Thanks so much for your insight, looks like I have some reading up to do.

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    Hi Mona,

    Its interesting to hear you say that you wouldn't pay for a course and something to take on board.

    I have spent a lot of time networking and talking to people in HR. I hadn't thought about shadowing so I will look into that.

    I believe in Singapore much importance is placed on education and qualifications which is why i thought about going down the route of a course to show learning and theoretical knowledge.

    Thanks also for the tip regarding the HR institute, i will have a look at their website.

    Thanks again
  • Hi Megan

    Firstly, welcome to Singapore.

    Let me touch on the courses p, you may wish to explore with SHRI or HCS. If you are looking for short courses to enhance your knowledge in local employment and HR practices, I will recommend SHRI.

    AS for employment, I believe the challenge is not on your experience but on the local work pass requirement. Personally, I do a lot of hiring as well. Y may wish to expand your search with the help of recruitment firm. If you do need help to link you up with them do feel free to PM. Eric.gohch@gmail.com

  • Hi Megan and welcome to Singapore!

    Franc here from the Singapore CIPD team. Perhaps you would like to drop by the office for a coffee and chat - I'm sure we can help advise and support during your transition.

    We also run a regular event programme here in Singapore and many members find these a great way to meet and network with a range fellow HR professionals. Our next event will take place at the end of August, and then later in the year we will also be hosting an Employment Law update session which you might find useful.

    Feel free to contact me direct on f.gooding@cipd.asia