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I was wondering if anyone was able to point me in the direction of where I would find industry KPI metrics for HR in Asia (specifically Singapore and Japan)? In particular I am currently focusing on Absence so I would be interested in knowing the average absence rates within Singapore and different trends. If anyone would be able to provide me with a source or a point of contact maybe within CIPD Asia that would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Kyla,

    Franc here from the CIPD Asia team - I'm not sure I can personally help with this query but if you drop me a line on f.gooding@cipd.asia I will happily circulate it to the team and we should be able to offer some guidance / pointers.

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    Brand and Marketing Director
    CIPD Asia
  • Hi Kyla,

    You can refer to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower - Report - Conditions of Employment 2016 for absenteeism related to sick leave.


    Yvonne Wong
  • Kyla, I can't provide an answer but would suggest you also need to think about the industry sectors you are focusing on. "What's happening with your competition" and/or company's located in your neighbourhood would provide data that would be most useful to you.