HR System

Hello All

We are looking to implement a new HR system (to capture everything) and Frontier e-HR LeapsUP has been given as an option.  We are currently around 45 people looking for slow but steady growth so need a system who caters for a small company that we will not outgrow.

Any feedback on Frontier or suggestions on other systems worth us reviewing would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  • Allison, I had a look at Frontier a couple of year ago. I got the impression they were much better for large organisations. Thye might have good options for smaller orgs now.

    Also have a look at Lumesse.

    You probably want a system that works "out of the box" rather than paying to have it modified to match internal processes (which will add to the price).
  • What do you need the system to do?
  • In reply to Neil:

    Thanks Neil. Will definitely look at Lumesse and although cost isn't a massive issue I'd rather put any money not spent on this system towards something else we need.
  • In reply to Elizabeth Divver:

    Hi Elizabeth
    We're looking for all the usual area's of HR to be covered (personal, payroll, performance mgmt, absence mgmt, recruitment, reporting, etc).
    As mentioned, we're just 45 now but are looking to double in size over the next couple of years and it makes sense for us to begin getting automated now.