Career Advice

Hi everyone!!

I am posting this as i feel i am at a point in my career where i need help and guidance.

I have over 10+years experience in HR admin/ Officer role.  I work for a company with a staff of 75 increasing to about 100 at Christmas.  We have no Hr manager here and i completed my Diploma in HR CIPD certified in 2016.  I feel i need to move to an organisation who firstly has a HR manager who i can learn and grow from.

My role is HR / Health and safety officer/ Excellence Through People lead/ GDPR  but i have no clear job description .  I keep getting new job titles with no extra pay increase.

But i dont know where to start with my cv as i am not getting called for interviews.  

I am based in the Limerick/ Kerry area and really feel i need a fresh start and new challenge. Is there anyone out there that could offer advice if i sent them my cv?? or even meet for a coffee??  

Thanks so much for letting me vent a bit i hope you can help??