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I'm hoping someone can clarify the position on workplace pensions for Irish employees please. Pensions are by no means an area of expertise for me and being based in the UK I'm struggling to get a straight answer.

Do we have to provide a pension for our Irish employees? Do we have to provide access to a Personal Retirement Savings Account, and if so what does that actually mean?

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  • Hi Laura

    In Eire the pensions regulator is the Pensions Authority. They have an excellent site with lots of useful information. Attached is a booklet outlining how the overall system works and you will see that if the employer dosn't have a pension scheme that meets certain criteria, then you have to offer access to a PRSA, by entereing into an agreement with a pensions provider and give them access to your staff; if people then choose to use this facility, then you must operate payroll deductions and tranfer the funds to the provider (simplified explanation)

    Lots more details in the attached booklet from page 10 onwards


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    Thank you Ray, much appreciated
  • Hi Laura, Watch this space for Auto Enrollment in Ireland also. The government has just published a document for discussion on this. Following in the UK's footsteps (And other European countries)
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    Auto enrollment is 'a good thing' but also a figleaf as regards covering up the UK's pathetically-low State Pension provision - see eg


    - and once the death of private-sector defined benefit pension schemes works its way through to future generations in retirement, things are only likely to get far far worse than historically.