HR Practices in Ireland - Thoughts on the latest survey

Hello everyone,

I had the chance to read the HR Practices in Ireland survey and I wanted to share my thoughts. It is good news to learn of the consistency of the instances. To my modest knowledge and perception of facts, I agree with the outcomes about the external drivers for change. I would also add this is a challenge indeed, though we still don't know how events will evolve in the future. A few matters of concern do I see in the analysis: the increase of temporary staff towards the limited engagement in action. This topic has been largely debated in Italy for a decade, but de facto an increase in flexible working does not match with a larger employment rate. My greatest fear is that this may occur in Ireland as well, which means the never ending battle between stability and flexibility.

A second matter of concern is the lack of analysis in a vision of a reflective practice. For instance, the figures about the gender pay gap calculation or retention lead to suggest that there's a huge need of investigating tools. By this I mean that it seems that organizations rely on perception, which is not bad in itself, but doesn't help effectively when it comes to finding the source of an issue or an instance.

This is, in conclusion, my sense on the analysis altogether. Any additional comment/objection/feedback is very appreciated.