Overseas acquisitions - from an HR point-of-view

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So if one was to prepare for an acquisition, from a HR point of view is there websites etc that could guide me in maybe doing a "first 100 days" timeline to ensure we cover all angles?

The company is based in Romania , but even from a Irish HR point of view i would love you hear your thoughts??

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  • Hi Tina, I have a couple of templates I can share from a HR point of view. If I can figure out how to email them to you!
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    Thank you so much emma!!! i will try to connect with you and see if that works??
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    my personal email is [removed by moderator]

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    Fab, I've emailed you so shout if you don't see it soon!
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    Thanks Emma So far i have gotten the test email nothing else?
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    Thanks again for your email Emma, i know i have been posting alot this week but i am just in my new job a month and it is very fast paced and varied . But i do understand everyone one their jobs and it is so appreciated when people like Emma offer out a hand to help!! Thanks you so much everyone.
  • Hi Tina,
    There should have been an HR section as part of the due diligence for the acquisition - including legal and other compliance, risk assessments, policies, employee benefits liabilities, organisational structure, etc. This would be a good place to start identifying the areas you'll need to focus on, if available.
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    Good point, Tina.
  • Hi Tina,
    Consider that there might be immigration compliance issues, e.g. updating the visas of migrants working for the acquired company.
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