Annual Leave Benefit - Tech Companies Dublin

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I am trying to gather some information on annual leave benefits offered by tech companies in Dublin. Any information/details on the number of days offered to employees would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Rachel, I work for a financial services company in Dublin and 25 days is the standard allocation. Hope that helps!
  • Hi Rachel

    The statutory minimum annual leave entitlement in Ireland is 20 days per year for full time hours and pro-rated for part time hours (excl bank holidays, of which there are 9 per year).

    In the private sector, and especially in some of the larger tech / financial companies the standard annual leave offering by employers can be anything up to 25 days or more, depending on the seniority of the role. This is in addition to the standard bank holidays.

    Some companies will also off a "Company Day" in addition to annual leave entitlements - this could be Good Friday or the 27th December for example - which does not form part of an annual leave entitlement, but is more of a perk.

    Hope that helps you out!