which CIPD course to take?

Hi - I'm looking to transition into a career in HR after 20 years in sales/business development. There are 3 CIPD course options available to me at NCI in Dublin, each with more content (and therefore a higher fee): certificate in HRM, diploma in HRM, and post-grad diploma in HRM. I'm drawn towards the latter of the three as it's the most comprehensive and I have no work experience in this discipline yet, so my thinking is that this will help me to secure an appropriate role without so much of a dip in salary. But is this the best choice? Would it be better to just do the foundation (certificate) course, invest less money, and this would be enough to help me open some doors to get into a HR department and start working my way up with on-the-job experience (potentially even being sent on another course by an employer at a later date)? Any and all advice welcome! 

Many thanks in advance

  • Hi Julie

    Welcome to the world of HR!

    When I was starting out in HR, I undertook the Certificate in Personnel Practice (now the Cert in HRM) course at National College of Ireland, I had minimal work experience to draw from and this course was broad enough to give me context and a good understanding of the main concepts of HR (employment law, recruitment/selection, comp/ben, learning/development etc).
    I was then able to obtain a role that furthered my work experience and subsequently I undertook additional education (again at NCI) to progress within my career.
    The HR courses at NCI are CIPD accredited too, so that is a huge bonus.

    I hope that this helps