Stamp 2


I have 2 employees who recently got engaged and plan to marry early next year. 

1 is an Irish national and the other is on a stamp 2 student visa. Once married will their visa be still valid, are there any restrictions on working? Will they be able to apply for a stamp 4 visa??

Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Olivia, I haven't heard of a Stamp 2 or Stamp 4 visa - are you in the UK? Tier 2 is a skilled worker visa and Tier 4 is a student visa. The Tier 4 right to work is restricted to 10 or 20 hours per week depending on the level of qualification being studied but someone can be a dependent of a Tier 4 holder with no restrictions. If you are in the UK your Irish National currently has the right to work without visa and your student could apply to be a family member of an EEA National although both will need to obtain "settled status" following Brexit.
  • Hi Olivia,

    In Ireland, a Stamp 2 visa can be awarded to an individual (from outside the EU area) who wishes to study full time for a degree level qualification. Under this visa they are also entitled to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and up to 40 hours per week during holiday times (15th December - 15th January and 31st May - 30th September).
    A Stamp 4 visa is given as proof of an individual to reside in Ireland and work full time without requiring an additional work permit. It is issued to a spouse of an Irish citizen (if they are from outside the EU area), to individuals who already have a work permit (it allows for permission to re-enter the State without re-applying). Holders of this visa require an Identity Card to prove their visa status.

    If one of your employees is an Irish National (and holds an Irish Passport), then when married, their spouse can apply for the Stamp 4 visa, but they will also need to inform the Department of Justice and Equality of their plans to marry as this will effect your employee's Stamp 2 status. I would advise your employees to make an appointment with the Garda National Immigration Bureau to discuss the situation and to collect any relevant paperwork they will be required to complete.

    I hope that helps?