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I started my first HR Administrator role  6 months ago after finishing my CIPD my employer has asked me to draft a budget what courses I would like to do next year to advance in my career. If anyone has any suggestions what would be helpful for the future I would be extremely grateful whether it be year long course or a single training day. 

  • What level of CIPD did you do?

    What are the main elements of your role?

    Where do you want to take your career?

    What is your general educational background ?

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    Thank you Keith you are very kind to respond. I did the CIPD Diploma in Ireland which I believe in the UK is a level 5 I also have a degree in Commerce and specialised in HR in my final year. I would like to progress to a HR Business Partner. In my role I currently am exposed to recruitment, we recently introduced Succession Planning and Personal Development Plans and I also help out with any grievances I am very lucky I work for a company that is willing to teach me anything I want to learn.
  • Hi Caoimhe, I would be inclined to consider skills to broaden your work experience which might be considered as not directly HR-related but still useful. For example, simple finances, team working, handling difficult conversations, marketing, etc. Also, a cost effective way of supporting your development would be to spend some time in other areas of the organisation and shadow individuals in key roles. As part of my induction for a job with a waste management company I spent a day on the lorries with the drivers. Eye opening and very useful. You may only need to spend half a day at any one time but still useful experience. So please do consider 'non HR' subjects in your plans. :-)
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    If as you say, you would like to progress to HR BP level, then the next step would be the Level 7 Diploma in HR which is a postgraduate level of qualification. It sounds like this would lend to the duties you are currently undertaking in your role anyway.

    Its brilliant that you work for a company where you are getting such nurturing and exposure, I would definitely maximise that as much as you can because if for any reason you did decide to move on, whilst for some employers it is either or qualifications or practical experience, many still expect/want both!
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    Thank you to everyone for all the feedback I feel very lucky to have this forum.