Break times (Ireland)

Hi everyone, I am hoping to get your view on a query we have from an employee in Ireland regarding break entitlements. The employee is working 37 hours a week across 4 days with unpaid lunchbreak (9.25 hours per day excluding lunch). This role is usually a 5 day role however the employee requested to work across 4 days instead of 5 earlier this year and it was granted as it allowed the organisation to accomodate evening appointments. The employee currently has a 30 minute lunchbreak per day and has queried whether they should be entitled to another break as they are not taking their Friday lunch (bearing in mind they don't actually work on a Friday). Under the Organisation of Working Time Act they would be entitled to a 15 minute break after 4 hours 30 minutes and a 30 minute break after 6 hours. My understanding based on their hours is that they are entitled to a 30 minute break but I'm not sure if I am interpretting the legislation correctly and would like to know what exactly their legal entitlement is. Separate to this there may be scope for an extra break if it can be accomodated by their line manager without disgruntling other employees. I would appreciate your views/advice on this. Many thanks