Expatriate Workers - Company Property

I would love to hear from those of you who have expatriate workers and are providing them with company property (either owned or leased).


In considering how we strengthen the emotional connection between the employee and our organisation, we are trying to find creative ways that welcome an employee to their new home.  Currently we have the landlord passing over the keys and a neighbourhood code of conduct policy but we would like to make it more of a ceremony for the employees and their family.


We have thought of a few basic things, e.g. welcome home card signed by our CEO, and some flowers. 


Have you done anything creative within this field? If so, have you measured the value added?


Look forward to hearing from you!





  • I've not been involved personally but an acquaintance who went to Canada for 5 years with their company told me that when he and his wife arrived there was a card and flowers in the house.  But also when they looked in the kitchen, the cupboards were stocked with basics like pasta, rice, tinned goods, spices, condiments, flour, sugar, etc.  There was fresh bread in the bread crock.  And the fridge was stocked with butter, cheese, bacon, milk, fruit juice, etc.  The freezer was also stocked with a chicken, some steak, a beef joint, sausages, burgers, frozen veg, chips, etc. Loo rolls, soap, shower gel, etc in the bathrooms.  He never forgot it as a welcome gift from the company.

  • Hi Claire, are you able to source a company or service which provides an orientation service to help the employee and their dependents with settling into their new environment?  I was able to provide this for those non-UK employees who moved to the UK and this service looked at helping with finding a home, school, doctor, etc.  I never had any involvement with UK employees moving abroad so I can't comment about equivalent services outside the UK .....  Would that be possible???  :-)
  • Hi Claire

    I like Judy's story - a morning's shopping and filling the cupboards is a small cost for the goodwill it can generate.

    As a word of caution, whatever ideas you use,you may also want to consider applying the same approach to local employees who have relocated within the country - this can avoid unwittingly creating feelings of jealousy towards expatriates from the local workforce.

    On a more pragmatic approach, putting in place a "buddy" system can be exremely helpful - usually another employee (and/or their family) is tasked with receving the new arrivals and accompanying them during the first six monhs of finding their way around in the new location.

    Keep us posted in terms of what you decide!

  • Hello Claire

    Interesting discussion. In one organization I worked, we got together a power point presentation emailed to the new employee even for landing in the UAE. This had basic information on leisure, school, cultural norms etc. The HR/PR was very active during the first few months in terms of providing whatever clarification the employee needed to know. 

     I would advise though on the accommodation...it is useful for someone new to UAE to know the "dos" and "don'ts" in terms of the tenancy and be very sensitive if you have GCC nationals as your neighbor... 


  • Hi Claire,

    I work for an organisation in the Middle East, and we have a detailed Induction program for our expats - which includes accommodation, welcome packs (food baskets - which we use Marks and Spencers, as they simply cannot be beaten!) welcome when they arrive to work, and various introductory sessions during their first week, about the ways of the organisation, but also the country they have moved to.

    The whole effort is undertaken in house - and whilst exhaustive, does make a difference to the new starters engagement in the long run.  Another factor to take very seriously is not just the expat, but their families - whether they are joining or staying back home will have an effect on the new starter, and this must be considered.

    The best measure - retention!!

    Good luck on your endeavours.