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Nursery fees & paternity leave (Middle East)

I am looking at raising our companies game by implementing policies that would attract and retain the best talent, some suggestions have been to assist with childcare and wanted to see what benchmarks were out there? 

We already cover school fees (from Age 3 - 18), but was wondering if you knew of any companies that paid for Nursery fees for working women (and/or men) and/or paid paternity leave for men. And if you did could you share your policy or an outline of what is covered?

Any information is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  • you pay school fees??? 

    Sorry not much help at all but... you pay school fees?? 

  • What Nicola said - you pay school fees?!?

     I'd certainly be desperate for a job at your company if you paid my nursery fees!

  • Hi Cerys,

    I am wondering if you mean for ex-pats or for employees based overseas where the payment of school fees is more typical as a benefit  than in the UK (ie Middle East)?

    Best regards


  • In reply to Susan:

    Hi Sue, Yes I am referring to employees living and working in the Middle East, where paying for school fees is pretty standard for multinational companies.

  • In reply to Cerys Rees:


    So my current organisation, and previous ones are also aligned, only pay school fees, and same age range 3 - 18, this wouldnt be limited to only Middle East it would be on any Ex Pat arrangement

    I have not come across the payment of Nursery fees, however, I have known that where younger children, under 3, are present it has been the case that people negotiate in additional Expat allowance to cover the fees (suggest this the simplest way to manage)