Maternity and Paternity leave in the Middle East


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29 Mar, 2017 19:56

Hi all

To what extent do companies tend to enhance maternity and paternity pay in Qatar and Abu Dhabi?

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  • Hello, the company I work for in Qatar follow the labour law for maternity, but for paternity we offer the father one week leave (vs the day or two in the labour law).
  • Speaking for the UAE, maternity leave is increasingly set above the statutory maternity leave (45 calendar days for private sector employees). Most companies with enhanced leave offer 60 calendar days.

    As paternity pay is not mandatory, some international companies are offering special family leave or specific paternity leave of up to 3 days per child. This, however, is still not common practices.

    From my experience, it's a valuable practice to offer a meaningful benefit to employees at a relative low cost.
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    Hi Agni
    Is this 6O calendar days at full pay rate? thanks
  • The company I work for offers 100 days maternity leave (fully paid) for all employees that are with the company for 2 years and more. With regards to paternity leave, we offer 3 days.
  • Hello, We offer 90 days paid maternity leave (inclusive of public holidays, if there is any) and 10 days of paid paternity leave across Gulf countries or labour law (whichever is higher).