KSA Employment / Labour Law copy


Are there any lovely people here who work in KSA?

My company is opening up an office in KSA and I have been asked to study the labour law so we can start to create the employment contract for the employees who will work there.

if anyone has an official copy please may I have one?  In the meantime I will refer to what I can find on the web.

Thank you


  • Nicola

    Saudi Labour Law arises from a 2005 Royal decree and is regularly updated by ministerial decrees. To the best of my knowledge, a "consolidated text" is not readily available. You can get a good overall picture here

    For finalilsing any contract documents, I advise using a local employment lawyer

    Hope this helps you get started


  • Hi Nicola,

    Gulf Talent have unofficial labour law translations for most GCC countries, including KSA - www.gulftalent.com/.../labour-laws - but you'd need to check the version to make sure it incorporates the recent changes from 2016. The Arabic version is available on the Ministry of Labour site - portal.mol.gov.sa/.../LaborLaw - if you have someone in your team who reads Arabic. And DLA Piper have a section on Saudi Arabia in their Guide to Going Global - www.dlapiper.com/.../FINAL_Guide_to_Going_Global_Employment.pdf

    You'll also need information on the nitaqat system, which calculates the company's Saudisation rating and determines your ability to get expat visas.

    Good luck with your office set up,
  • In reply to Ray:

    Thank you, Ray - this is much appreciated
  • In reply to Julia:

    Thank you, Julia, this is really helpful too. I have spoken to our PRO about the nitaqat system and asked him to have a deeper look into this and read the Arabic text too. Wish me luck!
  • Hi Nicola

    I hope you're alright.

    Although I'm late in joining this discussion but I can extend my help in this matter and the related ones to the best of my knowledge as I'm based in KSA and I have already worked in this area.

    I can be reached at asifnaqvi_pu@hotmail.com

    Asif Naqvi