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Hi There, 

I see meet-ups taking place in Dubai but nothing so far for Qatar?  Does anyone know of any networking or CPD events taking place?  I would love to join!



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    2 Apr, 2017 16:06

    Hi Nicola, we've run a few events in Doha over the last year so sorry we didn't see you there - we might need to help you amend your membership records. If you send me an email we can introduce you to the Qatar HR forum as well. m.mee@cipd.ae BR, Matthew

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    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you very much, I will drop you an email shortly.

    All the best, Nicola
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    Hi Nicola,
    I'm in Qatar and currently working my way through the CIPD L&D Diploma. Woud love to be a part of L&D community in Qatar and learn more about the field.
  • Hi Nicola,

    I would like to participate in any meet-ups in Qatar. Would you please inform me if you found any meeting HR or L&D group?


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    Hi Ahmed
    There is a Qatar HR Forum - if you send an email to: QatarHRForum@gmail.com and register yourself with them :)
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    Thank you for reply
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    Hello Nicola, is the email address still valid, as I did not receive a response?
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    Hello Sabine,

    Yes it's still working, perhaps you can send me a private message with your email address so I can connect you with the forum?

    Hopefully I can help you in some way!

    - N