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We have recently started work in Saudi on behalf of our client and I have been informed that we need to have private medical insurance in place for our employees. Our UK broker has found us a policy but I am coming across a few issues that I think may restrict us from using this and I just wondered if anyone else had ever had to implement private medical insurance for employees working abroad on business visas?



  • Hi Natalie, welcome to the communities. I haven't dealt with this kind of situation for a while but when I did have a need I used BUPA as they had a scheme which covered employees whilst abroad. As I say this isn't current information so things may have changed since then. You may also want to post this same question onto the discussion forums for HR Zone and Personnel Today. Good luck.
  • Hello Natalie
    I recently researched for travel insurance, with cover due to terrorism and war, which most companies exclude in the small print! I found Banner insurance www.bannergroup.com really helpful and they are fair with their prices.

  • Hi Natalie

    If your staff have a work/resident permit in KSA then the employer must have in place a single policy for all of its staff in KSA - simple overview here. From you rpost, I'm not sure whether this is the case or whether you are talking about non residents undertaking business trips.

    If it is the latter situation, then decent medical cover should be put in place for your business travellers, including medical evacuation should the need arise. The usual guilty parties like BUPA should be able to provide you with advice on the type of cover that is available and help you match it to your needs.

  • Hi Natalie
    I hope your issue is resolved if not, please do let me know as I can help you on this matter.

    Asif Naqvi
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    All sorted but thank you!