Paternity leave in UAE

Hello everyone,

I am working for a Architecture and Design Consultancy Company in Dubai and we are currently reviewing Paternity leave.  I understand that this does not currently exist under the Dubai Labour law for private sector workers however our company would like to provide this as an additional benefit.

I am looking for some feedback regarding whether any companies in the UAE are giving Paternity and if so how long for?

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  • Hello Charlotte,

    We provide 3 working days leave across all countries in Gulf.
  • Hi Charlotte,

    if a company offers paternity leave (still not common practice), it'd be up to 3 days.

  • Hello

    Our Dubai office provides 1 week.
  • We also offer up to 5 days as paternity leave
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    13 Jul, 2017 09:02

    Everyone posting here for the first time... welcome to the Community :)

    Great to get such specific feedback.
  • Hi Charlotte,

    private companies give 3 days of paternity leave. I believe it should be increased though, it would be a good motive for male employees as well.

  • Hi Charlotte,

    Just to add I work for an International Law Firm whom have offices in both Dubai and Doha. We have recently reviewed both our Maternity and Paternity leave policies and as a result of the market data collated locally we have increased our Paternity leave across both offices from 1 week to 2 weeks.

    I hope this is helpful.

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  • In reply to Kerry:

    Wow, Kerry, that's a great paternity leave. Out of curiosity, which sources did you use?
  • In reply to Agni:

    Hi Agni,

    The data was obtained using a variety of data sources, to include, the Mercer Global Parental Leave Report, obtaining market data from competitors (via HR contacts within Firms of similar level to ours in the regions so we are comparing 'Apples with Apples'), reviewing statutory requirements and collating feedback across our regional offices in the ME, as well as conducting some financial modelling.

    All the best

  • In reply to Kerry:

    Thanks, Kerry. Sounds like legal firms are leading the way in providing longer paternity leaves!

    It'd be good to know if employees also appreciate it (rather than expect it) and how it contributes to the overall retention. Perhaps you could update us next year.