Assessment Centre

I am looking for an assessment center provider which will be used as a development tool for employees who we plan to promote within the next 12-18months.

The provider must be able to run these center's in Dubai and Tehran.

If anyone has any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Hi Tom, welcome to the communities, a pity to see you haven't received any replies yet. You may also like to post this same question on the discussion forum for Training Zone as I think you may have more success there. Plus a quick search for historic threads on this CIPD forum may pay dividends for potential suggestions to previously posed questions. :-)
  • Another thought Tom is to call the British Psychological Society to see if they can provide some signposting.
  • Hi Tom, you could try CEB Global - they have an office in Dubai and provide a range of assessment solutions for development, recruitment, etc. - www.cebglobal.com - no office in Tehran, but they may be able to run the centre there through another office. Another option would be Arabian Assessment (AADC), also in Dubai - they're more focused on the psychometric assessment side.
  • In reply to Julia:

    Thanks julia, appreciate it
  • In addition to Julia's comment, you can approach Amanda White from Innovative HR (http://www.innovative-hr.com/). They are very well established in the Gulf and may also be able to accommodate the assessments in Tehran. If you like an introduction, happy to initiate that.
  • It could be appreciate to run your requested assessment centre in Tehran and Dubai, please feel free to contact me by email or WhatsApp.
    Parviz Zarei
    Email: zarei@hotmail.com
    WhatsApp: (+98) 9123239948