Leaders in Learning Event Oct 8th - The New Learning Organisation (David Hayden)

David Hayden a Senior L&D Consultant from CIPD UK led an interesting Leaders in Learning event in Dubai today.    

He presented the 6 new learning organisation characteristics and practical insights on how to unlock the potential of L&D from some research with Towards Maturity. 

1. Clarity of PurposeA shared vision and an open dialogue on how people are valued and need to adapt to deliver the organisation’s performance.

2. Holistic People Experience: A trusted brand that keeps to its promises and develops innovative, commercial and continuous learning opportunities.

3. Thriving ecosystem: A people led system that enables its people, teams and the extended enterprise to thrive and learn linked to common goals.

4. Agile, digitally enabled infrastructure: A virtual environment that enables a fluid exchange of knowledge, ideas and the adaptation of competence.

5. Intelligent decision-making: A robust platform using insight and performance analytics to drive organisational performance and customer experience.

6. Continual Engagement: A dynamic community that continually builds on business relationships resulting in energy, resilience and growth.

Let's keep the discussion going, thinking about:

1.What skills does L&D need to support the New Learning organisation?
2.What mindsets need to change?
3.How do we shift L&D skills and mindsets?