Pay, tax and reward in the Middle East...

Hello Colleagues

My organisation is about to set up new positions in the Middle East a Regional Director (Iraq national)  covering Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Syria - the post will be part time as a consultant, he will be overseeing the induction of country directors.  I would appreciate advice please on how he should be paid:-

  • Gross pay only and he is responsible for any tax implications
  • Basic pay based on Middle East averages
  • Tax and National insurance or medical care 
  • Expenses 

I will also need to provide employment contracts for the country directors, if any has similar experience or can point me in the right direction of seeking legal advice on pay and legal aspects in the middle eastern countries.

Thanking you.


  • Hi Glenys, in which countries will these positions be based?
  • In reply to Agni:

    Hello Agni
    The countries are Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Syria, we hope to have a country director (CD) in each and a regional director who will reside in Turkey and induct and oversee CDs.
    Thanking you