Middle East Leaders in Learning Event March 26th - Agile Learning (Gill White)

Gill White presented our first 2018 Leaders in Learning event yesterday about developing agile learning to support business needs. She shared 10 quick wins for designing learning at the speed of change: 

  1. Determine business needs as the top priority and respond with urgency
  2. Involve managers and learners at the heart of the design
  3. Think big but start small … a speedy minimum viable learning proposition
  4. Reallocate formal learning time into in-the-flow opportunities
  5. Provide learner access anytime and anywhere, which means digital
  6. Curate existing resources which may be better than yours!
  7. Create your own low cost video and audio content
  8. Scaffold social collaborative discussion and communities
  9. Work out loud; share expertise through blogs and vlogs
  10. Ensure your design is informed by data and metrics

 Which top 3 would you pick to focus on to start your organisation's agile learning journey?