Nursing period in UAE

Can you let me know how do you deal with nursing period in your company? Do you provide the 18 months 2x30 minutes break to employees who breastfeed their infante only or is it applied to all employees (i.e. nursing definition is broadened and includes taking care of the baby in general)?

 If it s only to those who breastfeed how do you verify they indeed do? Doctor certificate?

 I read that breastfeeding is “mandatory” in UAE (for expats as well, even though no penalty is imposed if the mother doesn’t do it) so I was wondering how this is managed.

  • Hi, what I did is let women who gave birth go home 1 hour earlier a day for 18 months.
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    I assume that your question refers to a situation in the UAE?
  • Welcome to the community Lila.
    I'm sure someone better qualified than myself will help you.
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    Hi David (and thank you), yes is for UAE only. Appreciate the help!
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    Hi Marleen, thanks for the answer. That s actually what we are doing but some legal references indicate that nursing = breastfeeding only so not sure how to deal with this anymore (i m being challenged on this by my management).
  • Hi Lila, as per our policy new mums who return from maternity leave can leave an hour early for a period of 12 months. I think it will be hard to ask or obtain a doctor's certificate to verify if a new mum is breastfeeding or not.
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    Hi Premila, thank you for your answer. This is exactly what I told my manager for the certificate (plus the employee may breastfeed for 6 months then stop...no way to verify) this. Would it be possible for you guys to name your current employer so I can at least say this and this company have same policy as us?
  • Hi Lila, our team members can take the nursing break time at the start or end of the working day, or accumulate the time and take it as a half or full day off, depending on what they agree with their manager. There's no requirement for them to prove they're actually breastfeeding, it's applied automatically.
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    Hi Julia, thank yo for the input. Fortunately my management has agreed to implement the same policy as yours (excluding accumulating the time).
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    Hi Lila, welcome to the community and if you want to communicate privately re company name details you can do so by clicking on Premila's name and sending a message :)
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    Got it, thanks :)
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    Thanks Julia. We do the same and give flexibility for our employee to decide and agree on the nursing break. It could be starting late/clubbing with lunch to nurse or go early.