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I am currently in the UK completing my CIPD and have 7+ years of HR experience in India (primarily Bombay/ Mumbai). My last designation was Senior Manager - Human Resources. 

I am married in Doha and am looking for job prospects in HR domain. I have a spouse dependent work visa which is transferable. 

Could anyone guide me as to what kind of HR jobs and pay scale should I expect? This is because I am asked to fill in expected salary every time I apply to a job on the company website and I am not sure of pay level in Doha. I would appreciate if anyone can give me a honest opinion of the level of HR jobs I should target.

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  • Hi Tasneem,

    getting salary survey data from providers like Willis Towers Watson or Mercer would be great, yet, it doesn't sound like you have this access. Have you tried googling the free salary and employment reports provided by Bayt, Robert Walters or Hays, for example? They can give you an indication to the various ranges for the different type of HR roles.

    Also consider what value you'll add to the company. Be realistic in what you can offer and what you can expect as a salary in return. Maybe it's also the work environment, the new industry, getting GCC work experience, etc. that's worth more to you and you should communicate that to the recruiter, too.

    All the best with your job search,
  • In reply to Agni:

    Thank You Agni.

    Yes, my primary objective is to gain the GCC work experience because I am not sure if my Indian work experience is going to be considered when I apply for a job in Doha (I certainly wish it is).

    Thank You for your reply.

    Tasneem B
  • In reply to Tasneem:

    Hi Tasneem
    As an HR practitioner based in Doha you may also want to link in with the HR forum based there who meet regularly and have active members. They can be contacted via qatarhrforum@gmail.com
  • In reply to Sarah Davis:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank You for your reply letting me know about this HR forum.

    I will certainly email them to connect and initiate a conversation.

    Kind regards,
    Tasneem B