The new CIPD Profession Map

The new Profession Map which sets the international benchmark for the people profession has just been launched on the CIPD's Profession for the Future site, here https://peopleprofession.cipd.org/profession-map .

This is a complex time to be a people professional. The world of work is shifting fast. Many certainties have been swept away. The future will raise all-new questions, but also all-new opportunities. Now more than ever, you need a strong foundation for effective decision-making.

The new Profession Map provides that foundation by setting out the knowledge and behaviours required to make your greatest impact and thrive in the changing world of work.It can be used to make better decisions, act with confidence, perform at your peak and drive change in your organisation. 

I urge everyone to start exploring and there's a great list of FAQs if you have any questions. https://peopleprofession.cipd.org/get-started/faqs

Enjoy exploring!