Wellness/ Wellbeing Surveys

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of running a wellness survey in my business & I was keen to understand if anyone in this group had run a similar survey before? If yes, then did the survey help you highlight the areas of focus for wellbeing in your business? Would you mind sharing the questions you asked/ template with me? 

Thanks very much!

  • Hi Premila, we include questions on wellbeing in our team member engagement surveys and pulse surveys, as it's a key focus area. I can't share the actual questions we use but we cover a range of topics from how team members rate their current state of wellbeing, what they are most concerned about, work practices, being able to disconnect from work, feeling valued, included and supported, etc. The main thing is to actually do something with the feedback to make improvements and track progress to see if it's working.
  • In reply to Julia:

    Thanks for the steer Julia, appreciate it.