Making a case to my employer to pay for my CIPD fee


I have been a member of CIPD for 3 years. I have always paid my membership fee on my own. However this year I have joined an American corporation and I would expect that my CIPD member ship would be covered. I am wrokign in a HR - Talent Aquisition function as a Sourcing Specialist.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Can anyone please advise how to make a case to my manager?

Thank You

  • Mag

    Why do you expect your fees to be paid? Did they indicate at interview etc that they would or do they pay other comparable professional fees?

    What added value will THEY receive by you being a member of the CIPD in your role as a Sourcing specialist? Its really a question of cost/benefit analysis I think


  • Hi,

    I would agree.  The company I work for has a policy of paying professional fees where they are relevant to the role the individual holds.

    I have also worked in companies that do not pay and therefore have covered the costs myself.



  • Hi Magdalena,

    My company pay my professional fees for me.  To win them over I quite simply demonstrated that without access to this forum and the CIPD website I would really struggle to do my job!  I have posted a few topics on here over the last year or so and it has been really helpful and I have learnt a lot.  Like Keith says if you can demonstrate the benefit to them then they will be much more willing - perhaps show them the wealth of information on the CIPD website such as the FAQs and research documents.