Lives in France, on a UK contract?

Hi there

I have an individual that was working in the UK and then relocated to France.  They have continued to work for us and we pay them through a French payroll bureau but still a UK contract.  Does anyone identify any risks with employing on this basis?



  • I'd get proper legal advice.

    Last time I got involved with a situation like this it cost us the price of a small house in French social security taxes...

    Any requests for people to work from France is met with a firm "Non!"


  • I echo Emma's point about seeking proper legal advice.

    Notwithstanding the social security and tax issues, the employment contract is likely to be governed under French law as the employee is wholly and mainly employed there.  So all contractual rights and employment practices will fall under that jurisdiction.

    Therefore your UK based contract might not be sufficient to cover all statutory requirements under French law and your HR practices and policies might also require reviewing to ensure they are compliant with local requirements. 





  • The majority of our staff are not based in the UK yet are on UK contracts.  Regarding payment, we pay to international accounts through Western Union at a charge of £5 per month to the employee and it is clearly stated in their contract that they are responsible for their own social security obligations in their home location.  No need to get involved in taxation etc in other locations unless you as a business are based there.
  • Sorry Vicki - I don't agree with your advice - you can't make an "employee" liable for employer contributions and employer tax requirements in this way.   

    Your approach would not avoid liability in France and the individual could easily go to a local court to ask that local legislation is applied.

    Its a complicated issue and we all should take proper advice before entering into such agreements/arrangements and remember even though we have open boarders across Europe this doesn't mean that you can work wherever you want without complying with each countries tax arrangements.