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Employment Law - Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan


I am looking for some information on employment legislation applicable in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and how this compares with UK legislation.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good source of accurate information please?

Many thanks


  • Hazel,

    This will be a challenge for Khazakstan - the labour code was apparently substantially updated in November 2015 and finding an English language comparative analysis of the new law at this stage seems unlikely - unless you pay for it from one of the major law firms. This is likely to be very expensive because it would need both language and legal skills for both countries/languages......
    My recollection is that there has been some stability since 2007/8, but we haven't had any major activity there for 6 or 7 years so I can't say 100% You should be able to Google this pre-2015 information quite easily.

    Can't comment on Azerbaijan, sorry

    EY have a library facility with country analyses, and often place links to external sites - you might want to look at the pages on the EY site for the countries concerned to see if there any labour law links. Select "Library" from top of page and , "Country resources" in the drop down list.

    Happy hunting
  • In reply to Ray:

    Hi Hazel, is outsourcing this an option at all - there are companies that do this in country and really aren't too expensive? We do have a number of employees out there, the UK employees are on UK contracts and locals are outsourced, with an in-country manager over seeing things. Anywhere I've worked, this has usually been the practise, unless there's enough of an infrastructure to fully manage the business. We did have this in the past, but haven't done for around 2 years and things move so quickly, I really wouldn't like to comment on what was the case then!
  • In reply to Ray:

    Thank you very much for your help; I've also found some information from the International Labour Organisation and ECA International ( who were very helpful.
  • In reply to Allyson:

    Thank you for your advice; we will certainly look at employing staff locally.
  • Hazel,

    We have an operation in Kazakhstan and I am sure my HR colleague there would be happy to provide some advice. Drop me a line and I'll introduce you.

  • Hazel,

    I currently work in Azerbaijan . Please get in touch if you need any help on this matter

  • In reply to Neil:

    Good afternoon Neil, Thank you for your offer of help; The Project there was dropped last year but is now starting up again - good news for us. My email address is if the offer of an introduction to your HR colleague there is still open?