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Hi Eveyone,

Just trying to get my head around this long service leave entitlement for employees in NSW and I just want to sense check my understanding with someone in the know!

So as I understand it, an employee with 10 years' service with the same employer is entitled to 2 months paid leave in addition to their statutory 4 weeks plus BH's. This isn't every year thereafter though? Or is it?

I know there is a pro rata entitlement payable upon termination in NSW for employees with over 5 years service and I am aware the entitlement increases by 1 month for every 5 years' reached up to 5 months additional leave for 25 years service. Am I right in thinking that the 5 months plus stat hols are only in year 25 and not every year past this point? I can't imagine 6 months paid leave for every year after 25 years surely!?

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Hi Gemma,

    The employee would receive an extra 2 months of leave at 10 years, then a further month every 5 years thereafter. So a worker with 25 years service would in theory have accumulated a total of 5 extra months of leave during their time with the organisation (but not 5 months per year, and just 1 month at this anniversary).

    Also, there are some restrictions on the pro rata pay out on leaving. It is only payable if the employee:
     resigns as a result of illness, incapacity,
    domestic or other pressing necessity
     is dismissed for any reason except serious
    and wilful misconduct
     dies.

    The above is pulled from this fact sheet on LSL: www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au/.../long_service_leave.pdf.

    Hope that helps?

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    Hi Holly,

    Ah right ok, all starting to make sense - so, in the employee's 11th,12th, 13th and 14th year for example they would just have statutory entitlement of 4 weeks plus BH, it's just on each 5 year anniversary from 10 years to 25 years that the enhanced leave applies?

    Sorry if I'm really being stupid here but I've struggled to find this spelt out online!

    Thanks so much :)
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    Pleasure :)

    That's exactly right, just on the anniversaries. As an Aussie I always just took for granted how the system works, but I can definitely see how to an outsider a lot of the guidance could be a little ambiguous!
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    I think that sounds fantastic! Lucky Aussies :)
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    Sometimes I wonder why I left!