Is my CIPD qualification/membership recognised in Canada?

Hello everyone,

Can someone help with some advice please?  Is my CIPD qualification recognised in Canada? If not how/where would I look to get a qualification that Canada notices. After looking quickly on the internet, it is not looking so positive for me and a bit worried I may have to get requalified with a CHRP.

Where do I start my investigations and will I have to start again in my career just because I'm moving to Canada?

Thanks everyone!

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    Afraid I have no country-specific knowledge about this, but would have thought that 'recognition' of your CIPD qualification in Canada depends entirely upon the purpose / context. Obviously, aspects of your CIPD qualification will be country-specific, such as legal etc rules, especially employment law. Whilst other aspects, such as most principles and practice of employee relations are going to be the same everywhere. But it's not like for example, a physician or surgeon, who can be almost fully professionally effective anywhere - there will inevitably be big gaps to be filled.
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    Hi David,
    Thank you for your response David, very much appreciated. There might be a bit of hope then for me....
  • Hi Lea,

    Try to get in touch with the HRPA (professionaldevelopment@hrpa.ca), they helped me quite a bit over emails when I first moved to Toronto. They will tell you whether you need to get prequalified or not. Its different for every province though.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hello Lea,
    I recently made a thread in regards to CIPD qualifications and in other countries. I will copy and paste some part, for more details please visit my thread for more details.

    For Canada, the Canadian immigration body has listed several evaluation agencies that can evaluate your CIPD qualifications and they are:

    Comparative Education Service: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.
    International Assessment Service of Canada.
    World Education Services 'WES' This company operates for both Canadian and US market.
    International Qualification Assessment Service.
    International Credential Evaluation Service.

    All of these mentioned above, CIPD qualification holders can choose the one they think is right for them. This information is officially listed by the Canadian Immigration Body.