Monitoring daily rest breaks in France

We have approx 10 employees employed by our French entity.  All are cadre status and most of them travel extensively inside and outside France.  Is it mandatory to have a process (e.g. badging system) to demonstrate compliance with the requirement for 11 hours per day rest?  Are other options available?  

  • Mark
    Your site in France must have "chef d'Ä—tablissement" who carries legal responsibility for the staff. This person also carries the legal obligation to ensure that all labour laws (including working time) are respected. Some sort of day by day record keeping is highly recommended .....
  • In reply to Ray:

    Hi Mark,
    What is the CBA applicable to your company? If you are working for an IT firm for example then it will be SYNTEC CBA. Assuming the applicable CBA is SYNTEC and for cadre employees you have opted for the forfait jour option with regard to RTT days, then it is recommended that you have at least two bi-annual review meetings with the employees to have a discussion about work load and how many hours they are working and what can be done to reduce it if they are stretched and working too many hours etc. It is always good if the employees can maintain their time sheet and send it weekly (best case scenario) or bi weekly or monthly to their line manager. So that s/he can review and be sure that the employees are not working for longer than required. If they are working for 37 hours per week and sometimes 40 hours per week then you may be able to get away by implementing the above process. However, if are working like 50 hours or 60 hours then you need to act immediately