Is there a Payroll Bureau that can cope with an international Group?

My company is in the UK, and other companies in the Group in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia), the US and Germany. Does anyone know of a payroll bureau that could deal with the payrolls in some or all of our different companies across the Group?

Most of the payrolls are currently in-house, two use local bureaux. We are looking to try to streamline and outsource where we can. 

Thanks in advance


  • For starters .....ADP
  • Hi Margaret

    SD Worx (formerly Ceridian) do international payroll - hope that helps!

  • Ray, we'll investigate ADP
    Louise, from a quick look, SD Worx seem to mainly cover Europe. I've asked them about the rest of the world
    Thank you both for your help!
  • In reply to Margaret Thackray:

    Margaret - another name that comes to mind is FMP. Never had a need to use them but have often received promotional materials

  • In reply to Ray:

    Thanks again Ray. They're quite local to us, so worth having a look.
    Also, SD Worx say the can cover the rest of the world, so we have three to look at now, which is always good!
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    When you've looked/chosen, maybe you could feedback your choic and why it was right for you? It will help others if you can share this at a later date.
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    Hi Ray, in the end we went with Mazars, mainly because they have a presence in Singapore, where my company also has offices.
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    Hi Margaret and thanks for taking the time to feed back.
    If your organisation has a small number of people in each of the countries then I think Mazars is probably a good choice - at least until you reach a critical mass where each country will have a solid HR person/team who can professionally supervise the local payroll activity. For smaller organisations Mazars probably offers a one-stop shop.
    Good luck with the rest of the project